Whats’s so Wimbledon about our Wimbledon brownie?

What’s so Wimbledon about our Wimbledon brownie? 

Well, we’ll let you into a little secret.  It’s fresh strawberries soaked in Pimm’s No.1, with creamy white chocolate chunks and a hint of mint (don’t worry, there’s no cucumber). That’s right, we’ve taken all that summery goodness and put it into a brownie, all for just £2! It’s sweet, chocolatey and has a little alcoholic kick, perfect for a dessert served with a scoop of ice cream. Or a glass of Pimm’s. Or both. We’d recommend any of those options!

You’ll be able to enjoy this treat all the way through the tournament, as it’s available both online and in our shop until the end of July. So why don’t you surprise your family and friends by sending them a box or buy some for yourself… just because!

It’s the 141st Wimbledon Championship this year, surely we can celebrate that right?! Back in the day, only 200 people attended Wimbledon. Now, nearly 500’000 attend from all over the world to watch this British summertime sporting event. Don’t forget all the others who sit and watch from the comfort of their sofa in front of the TV. Garden and street parties will be occurring all across the nation, serving scones with strawberries and cream, and of course, jugs and jugs of Pimm’s. With Pimm’s being the Official Partner, why not bring some of our Wimbledon brownies along to your celebrations this year?  What to know more about Wimbledon

These summery flavours won’t be around forever (a bit like this nice weather) so why not come into store today and enjoy one with a cup of Yorkshire Tea and our made to order sandwiches. Or order some online here! We’ll send them out in a gift box with a personalised message and a gift tag suitable for any occasion.

So, whether you’re an avid tennis fan, enjoy celebrating the event or just a lover of a glass of Pimm’s or two, our Wimbledon brownie is perfect you.

Wobblegate – what a great find !

Welcome  to Wobblegate  – a family run crushed juice company which was our cheeky little find at last years Quality Food Awards 

An unusual and intriguing name and of course every name has a story worth telling- their’s is hilariously because they had a wobbly gate to their orchard!  How great names are born..genius idea! Why did we call ourselves Love Brownies, well simply because people do, we do and what’s not to love!

Back to the orchard – we are pretty fussy about what we stock in our little bakery’s – you will notice the ‘s’ at the end of Bakery – but that is for another blog :0).  We spend a great deal of time understanding our suppliers and what makes them special and how we can work together, so we cannot wait for Wobblegate to join us and for our customers to see why we love them so!

Glyn and Tom (father and son) have spent 30 years producing fruit, but for the last 9 have been bottling their own gorgeous award winning range (and selling out just as quickly as they are making it).  The Royal Palace have taken a liking to it too and stock it there!  We have good taste you can see!

When we first tried the range, we were really taken aback with how fresh and clean tasting their juices were and guess what, no sugar or preservatives are added –  ‘why fix it if it is not broken’ as they say!

Where can you find Wobblegate?

They are a sussex based family team, and apart from the amazing taste and how lovely they are as a family run company, they struck a cord with me as I grew up in an orchard in Sussex.   I have many a memory running between the apple trees and dodging wasps.  In summary,  Wobblegate is a perfect fit and one we would like to share.


Visit their instagram page


You can try flavours such as Apple & Pear, Crushed Apple, Apple & Elderflower, Apple and Raspberry and squeezed breakfast – gorgeous when served over ice and a slice.  Which flavour do you go for?  For me the Squeezed Breakfast I go for every time…hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Salted Caramel Brownie Special Offer

Salted Caramel Brownie special offer hits your screens for just two days only!

Make the most of this offer by clicking the link below.

Offer expires on February 2nd, so for just two days you can order and we can deliver a gorgeous treat yourself box of four salted caramel brownies for just £10.

We can deliver to any address in the UK without it costing a penny more.  If you are quick enough you can make the most of this offer and request a valentine dispatch date.  Or need them guaranteed for next day, then just select the next day option and pay a little extra.

The only difference with the treat yourself boxes, is you do not have the option to have a written message on the inside and it is designed for you to treat your self and let your hair down. Go wild and make a coffee too and enjoy.   After all it is the end of January and pay day is here! Not to mention the diets are over and the fun for 2018 really starts now.

Make the most of our Salted Caramel brownie special offer as they are a winning combination.  Love Brownies was set up over 9 years ago and over the years we have tried not to go down the predictable flavour routes and create flavours that really worked for us. But through customer request we needed to play with our Salted Caramel recipe. If a customer wants it, then if a reasonable request why the devil not do it!  The results were coming back thick and fast that our Salted Caramel Brownies were seriously the best ever and we needed to make them an available product on line and in the Love Brownie Bakery. So we did!  So buy until your heart is content.

We would just love to know what you think about them? So tell us by emailing us  at

Why not try them with some seriously amazing ice cream we have come across especially the salted caramel flavour



Gifts Ideas For Mother’s Day

Gifts ideas For Mother’s Day can sometimes be tricky.  Of course we want to spoil our Mums in so many ways and why not, they really are incredibly special people, well my Mother is that’s for sure.  I do laugh as she is one of these people who are forever saying I need to be good this week, but just one whiff of a brownie and she is off.  All in moderation, nothing wrong with a brownie every few days as it’s what you do in-between those treats that counts.  The Raspberry Brownie has always been the favourite although she has yet to try the salted caramel brownie. 

Each Brownie is individually made. It  allows us to create very special individual ideas.  With this in mind we set about creating the short bread heart which is slowly baked in the middle of each brownie.  Just that little extra thought to make her feel special and it really did.  From this point we decided to make it available on line for you to choose for your  Mums.  Believe me it is a winner if you want to get into her good books .  Not to mention they are delivered in a personalised gift box.

The date of Mother’s Day is Sunday March 11th.  All you need to do is pre order your Mother’s Day brownies and let us do the rest.  We can post brownies to any address or if you are local then you can just collect from the Love Brownie Bakery in Ilkley.  

Love Brownies - gifts ideas mother's dayIf you cannot see what you want on the website then just get in touch at and let us know what you require and we shall see what we can do.  Do not forget we can do the most amazing gluten free brownies, so just make sure you click on that option.

Ilkley Business Awards Shortlist Love Brownies

Love Brownies shortlisted at the Ilkley Business Awards, not just once but twice, Whoopppee!  We found out yesterday which is incredibly exciting to start the week off with such good news.

This year the  Ilkley Business Awards takes place for the third year running at The Kings Hall, Ilkley on Friday 16th March 2018 where all nominees are suited and booted for what will be a great Champagne and Celebrated event.

It is such an honour and means so much to be shortlisted in the final three for Independent Retailer of the Year and Best Small/Medium Business of the Year Award as we really have worked so hard to get to this point.

Our little story so far…We started the company 9 years ago, working as many start up’s do at home in our kitchen.  After the first year my husband and I knew we were on to something with my secret recipe and the individual style in how I bake.  This along side the unique packaging received a lot of interest.  Winning various awards and one house move later plus one garage converted we set up the next Love Brownie kitchen and employed Emma and Victoria.  Year 3 – major investment.. the horses were moved to another barn an we converted the stable block to the next new kitchen, office and store room and took on Justine and Elisabeth.

Year 6, more change!  Sally and Toni joined the ever growing team and we secured a contract with Booths supermarket.   With the continuing increase in internet sales we made the decision to move the kitchen again but this time adding another dimension to the business… Meet the Love Brownies Bakery!

In September 2016 we opened our first ever shop and called it the Love Brownie Bakery.  Upstairs is the new kitchen and downstairs is where all the goodies are

We saw this as such an important move for the business so customers could actually come and see us and sit in the shop and enjoy many of our offerings especially in our local town.

Our vision keeps growing along with the size of our team and we have lots of ideas for this and next year brewing.  For right now, we are concentrating on March 16th, so please keep your fingers crossed for us as we would love to win x

Salted Caramel Brownies Posted To Your Door!

Salted Caramel Brownies posted to your door….the wait is finally over… this is no longer a myth.  Available from today, you can now select this truly devine addition from the Love Brownie menu and post them to a friend or even yourself.  Those that have flocked in to try them have firmly said WOW, their new favourite without a doubt!  To be honest I have never really been fond of the idea of salt with my treats, I have usually aired on the side of being a purest but even I, have now been tempted to the salty side.  It really is rather splendid.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day too as men can sometimes be hard to buy for and these brownies are just the job to make him smile or any lovely lady for that matter!

We sell not only the individual Salted Caramel version but also in the Ilkley Bakery we now sell them as a mini slice which is just a perfect treat with a coffee or if you have a super sweet tooth try with our homemade Hot Chocolate AKA liquid brownie.  Fancy a little try for your self then use coupon code Salty on our  to get 10% off your first Salted Caramel sensation – you can order personalised gift boxes of 4,8,16, delivered to any address of your choice. This is available until the end of tomorrow only (19th January)  or check out our facebook page for a Treat Yourself Box which goes live on Monday

We have recently been busy creating (all with the help of SupaFrank)  new packaging which looks just amazing, such lovely fresh sharp colours and a new way of personalisation.  Photographs to follow shortly.  Make sure  you take a peak at the new size 16 addition – such a lovey gift to receive….and sometimes 8 is simply not enough..

BBC Food Farming Awards – Vote for Love Brownies!

Help us win this years “Food Producer Award’ by voting and filling in the form to help give us a chance.

All you need to do is click on and use any of the helpful information below to complete the two main sections.

They ask in the first section – What does this producer make? Tell us about the range of products and where they’re sold (as a guide we are looking for around 250-300 words).

Love Brownies individually hand bake Chocolate Brownies.  They offer 6 all read round flavours ranging from Double Chocolate, Morello Cherry, Caramel Fudge, Chocolate Orange, Fresh Raspberry, Coconut, and seasonal specials with Malt Whiskey. Blueberry & Stout and soon to be Raspberry Blondies and Salted Caramel. These can be purchased individually, in retail boxes, personalised gift boxes and decorated pyramid brownie stacks for occasions.  To suit other moments they now offer bags of brownie bites, so when you are on the go and just fancy a nibble or sharing amongst little mouths then these go along way.  They offer an Ultimate Brownie cake range to suit any occasion in three sizes – 6,8 and 10″, all ganached and glazed with chocolate curls to finish. They have been an online business for 9 years, opened their first Love Brownie Bakery  in 2016, supply to Booths supermarkets, delis and can often be found around the country at exhibitions and food shows.  They offer lots of different styles of Brownie hampers to suit personal and corporate gifting plus a branded range of cotton tea towels, staffordshire bone china mugs, jars of morello cherries and chocolate related gifts in store and in store you can purchase their own recipe Italian Hot Chocolate.

Second Section:  What makes this producer and their food so special? Explain why they are an award winner? (in 200-300 words)

Love Brownies set out to create an brilliant experience for every customer whether online or in their bakery. The website has been created  for an easy to use few click process, offering a next day service if required.  They are the only brownie company to have achieved 3 Great Taste Gold Stars for their  Double Chocolate Brownie and its gluten free, not to mention a collection of other Stars and awards for others. The brownies have been created using the finest ingredients using a very labour intensive baking process to create what is their vision of what a perfect brownie should be.  The packaging and brownie options are forever evolving to make it an even better personalised gift to order or receive.  They are the only Brownie company to have set up a Bakery in the North where you can sit in, eat a brownie, enjoy a luxurious Hot Chocolate, read the paper or chat to the staff. The customer service is a huge factor and every customer is an important one, being fully introduced to the passion that goes in the brownie and what can be offered to make the customers visit special.  The same level of service is offered to online customers where Love Brownies will go out of their way to do what they can to make every order special and delivered when required.

Fingers Crossed…this is a big competition and we need your help so thank you for your time.


Love Brownies Loves The Department Store For The Mind

Creating gorgeous Chocolate brownies are our thing, they are the thing we think about in our every waking moment, maybe the  only thing we ever talk about in the kitchen….well, nearly…… but we do like to get on board working with some pretty awesome companies too.  We love branding, we love a story, we love companies who have depth and purpose, so let me introduce you to the world of ‘Dept’  The Department Store For The Mind’.  We have been really excited about this company for a while now and whilst you may not have heard of them before, you can  take a little peak at a few of their items we stock in our bakery to get a feel of what they are all about. 

Dept was created in 2015  bringing  together an inspiring collection of items which promotes a healthy mind and well being.  It is a Store for the Mind and a place to explore the world inside your head.  Life should be about positivity and all their products are aimed at creating such feelings.  When looking through the Dept website or seeing the products we carry in the Love Brownie Bakery you get swept away with the quality and thought that has gone behind the concept.  There is literally a gift for every reason, every occasion.

Now we do feel very strongly about  supporting local with all the lovely Yorkshire companies out there,  but in this instance we needed to go just a little further afield to get on board with the Dept mission (we think you will agree why).

There will be an  increased range of Department of The Mind gifts in the bakery over the next few weeks  so keep checking in to see what we are up to as sometimes a brownie doesn’t quite answer everything ….or does it??? :0) 

Great British Food Awards Love Brownies



The Love Brownies team are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been highly commended by  in the Gluten Free category of the Great British Food Awards 2017!

The Great British Food Awards celebrate small artisan producers such as ourselves. This year saw an unprecedented number of entries. This makes it all the more exciting that our delicious Double Chocolate brownie was one of two highly commended products.


We would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to all the winners, and highly commended winners.

How we were Judged

This year all the products were taste tested. We were then given a score based around taste but also taking into account provenance and value for money. A shortlist for each category was then made, from which a panel of celebrity experts and GBF testers were asked to choose their favourites.

River Cottage’s nutrition expert, Naomi Devlin was the judge of the gluten free category and had these lovely words to say about our product – “Beautifully packaged in a lovely box – I’d feel special if someone sent me these treats in the post. They were just gooey enough; chocolatey and not too sweet. We tried them straight from the box and also warmed through with whipped cream; both ways were delicious.”

We work extremely hard here at our little brownie bakery to bring you tasty treats and high quality products. To receive such recognition is obviously a real honour, as is being included amongst many other fantastic products.  Our favourite product winners listed this year were Lambton & Jackson Maldon Deep Smoked Salmon , Lyme Bay Winery Rosé Brut, Dyfi Distillery Pollination Gin!

You can read more about the awards in the October issues of the Great British Food Magazine which came out on September 6th.


Don’t Forget to Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with whats going on!

Corporate Brownie Gifts For Christmas from Love Brownies

Its never too early to start preparing for Christmas. As a business it can be great idea to treat your clients or staff  this year!  We can offer so many Brownie treats to suit your budget and you can personalise them however you wish.  Some clients use their own personalised ribbon, or ask us to include compliment slips, flyers, business cards.  Just get in touch if you have any questions on how we can help.

Individual Brownie


We can send as many of our gooey individual brownies wrapped in a large box if you require them to be shared in large office perhaps? They come in eight amazing award winning flavours. Choose from Double Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Fresh Raspberry, Morello Cherry, Carmel Fudge, Mince Pie, Wild Mint and Coconut (not to mention some other cheeky flavours we have coming out soon). So just pick a flavour and let us do the rest.

Brownie Bites

Brownie bites are a lovely gift idea. Coming in all six different flavours, the brownie bites are perfect for those who want to share the brownie love – even nice to share around the office.  You can customise these with your own topper card.  We can either do this in house for you or you can use your own designer/printers. You can order these by email or phone as they are yet to go live on line.

Love Brownie Gift Boxes


For something a bit more personal, our gift boxed brownies are perfect for corporate Christmas gift. Choose from a box of four, eight and coming soon sixteen! Beautifully wrapped, our gift boxes come with a personal hand written message. Choose to have one of our flavours in your gift box or feel free to mix and match any of our brownies to create that perfect combination of brownies. Again you can add any branded material to the box to make it stand out for your company needs.

Love Brownie Hampers

If you have an  office where there are a few people,  then treat them to one of our Chocoholic hampers.  Including six boxes of brownies each containing 4 brownies (thats right! 24 brownies!) and one £5 gift card to spend on our website. All our brownies have a two week shelf life.

Feel free to browse all of our products in our online shop. As always don’t Forget to Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what we are getting up to!

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