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Vuoi imparare l’italiano – in Stirling!

Vuoi imparare l’italiano – in Stirling!

Always keen to give our customers what they ask for, Love Brownies Stirling are trying something new and slightly unusual – Italian language lessons!

Mario Celiberti, who owns and manages the Love Brownies café and shop in Stirling,  Scotland, hails from the beautiful Bay of Naples in Italy, moving to the UK over 30 years ago to learn English, and enjoy the weather!

His Italian accent has clearly influenced his customers to want to learn the language as he’s losing count of the amount of times he gets asked to teach them common Italian phrases!

Never one to disappoint, Mario has decided to host some drop-in lessons with Ottavia, a full-time publishing student at Stirling University from northern Italy. So, if you’re heading to Italy in Summer and would like to be able to chat with locals, or if you’re just interested in eating chocolate and having fun then why not call in on Tuesdays or Fridays between 10am and 11am? You can enjoy an award-winning brownie, hot drink and an Italian lesson for just £10.

The lessons will be fun and informal and are aimed at complete beginners. From ordering a meal to booking a hotel or asking for directions, each session will focus on different situations. Before you now it you’ll be speaking Italian every time you drop in for a chocolate treat!

Lessons start on Tuesday 21 January and you can book or find out more by emailing

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