Love your true Valentine Saint

As we get ready for the Valentine’s Day rush in the Love Brownies kitchen, we have been thinking about the meaning of Love. It’s a big part of our name, it’s what we do, and it’s stirred into every brownie.


That reminded us that there’s more to love than romance, even on St Valentine’s Day. With the cultural focus on attraction and coupling up, it’s easy to overlook the real love in our lives.


In Finland the interpersonal culture is famously reserved. The fondest of friends might never touch one another, or tell each other how much that friendship means. Except on Ystävänpäivä, which translates into ‘Friend’s day’ and is celebrated on February the 14th. Finns use Valentine’s Day to break cover and make wild gestures of  friendship rather than romantic affections.


If we take a minute to close our eyes and really think about who this describes for us, we might be in for a surprise:

When you catch sight of this person in a crowd, you feel your heart lift with joy.

When something funny happens, this is the person you can’t wait to tell.

When you spend time with this person, you often laugh so much you need to take a minute to recover your dignity.

When your internal voice tells you “Don’t do that, what would everyone think?” but really ‘everyone’ in that sentence means this


We feel like making Valentine’s Day wholesome again – and celebrating the kind of love that keeps us on our feet with a smile on our face, and hope in our hearts. Here’s a chance to show our Valentine Saints that we are thankful for their fun and faithful friendship – and how important they are to us.


For some people those questions do describe a partner or lover. For lots of us it might be a close friend or sibling. If your partner does all that, you have a great friend for a lover. If a different person springs to mind, why should we let that affectionate bond be brushed aside? Let’s be radical and express our platonic love this Valentine’s Day!


If you’d like to join us and make a public declaration of affection Finland-style, why not begin with a Valentines Brownie? Send a sensational sweet message in a playful parcel choc-a-bloc with goodness. Give a heart-warming gift of fruity ruby & raspberry deliciousness to treat a treasured friend.


Love your life. Love your friends. Love brownies.

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