It’s Time to Meet the Team!

Meet Eli

Eli is our newest member to the Love Brownies Team. She works in the shop and helps out in the office with posting out gifts. Here’s a little bit about Eli both in and outside of work.

“I’m the newest recruit at Love Brownies, I’ve only been here since the beginning of October 2018! I’m a shop assistant so you’ll see me when you come in to buy all your brownie goodies or stop for a hot chocolate to warm yourself up! I also help in the office gift wrapping and preparing orders to be posted.

Love Brownies is a small (but rapidly expanding) family run business and I was made to feel like a valued member of the team straight away. Everyone in the team knows each other really well and we have a laugh. Although I’ve only just started, I’m already so excited with all the changes that are going on in the business. I want to grow with Love Brownies and become an integral part of the team. I’m also looking forward to being more involved and helping with the franchises.

I love working in the shop as the customers are all so lovely. I’m a people person so it’s nice to have a chat with the regulars! Our brownies are all handmade individually with love so they’re crispy on the outside and all gooey in the middle. There’s a wide variety of flavours and they’re all very yummy – I’ve never had a bad brownie! My favourite flavour is caramel fudge and I first tried it when it was my mums wedding cake and I ate it constantly for 2 weeks. I prefer brownie bites to the big brownies just because you can have a couple of bites when you want (or the whole packet) and you can share them. Northern bloc Ice-cream also goes perfectly with a warm brownie!

When I was younger I worked as a manager and waitress in a gastropub. I then went travelling for a few years. I started off in Thailand and Bali for 3 months, where I trekked through the jungle, saw the elephants and travelled round the Phi Phi Islands which was where the beach was filmed. This was definitely a highlight! I also climbed a live volcano in Bali to watch the sunrise. Then I spent 19 months in Australia, which meant I had to do 3 months farm work. I graded potatoes for 12 hours a day on a brushed potato farm, 9 hours west of Sydney. It wasn’t the most fun I’d had all trip..! When I’m not at work I spend time with my sister and family, we’re always going shopping or out for food. I’m such a foodie, I love trying new restaurants! I used to be a keen basketball player and I was captain for the Yorkshire U18’s and U16’s.

Although I’ve only been here a couple of months, I love working at Love Brownies and I’m excited to see what the future holds! See you next time you come into the shop!”

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