It’s Time to Meet the Brownie Team!

We’ve talked about the office and shop staff that work at Love Brownies, so now it’s time to meet brownie bakers themselves!

Meet Emma

“I’ve been working with Chantal here at Love Brownies for over 4 years now – I can’t remember the exact date! When I first started, most of the business was online as we didn’t have the shop in Ilkley, so I had many different roles. I would mostly bake brownies, as well as helping with the office and doing a lot of washing up! Things have changed so much over the last few years, not to mention we have moved kitchen 3 times now to cope with the growth of the company.  Anyway, now I am a full time brownie baker and also help with product development.

I’m Yorkshire born and bred, and I’ve lived in and around Leeds all my life. I now live on a farm just outside of Ilkley, so I’m quite close to the Love Brownies bakery. I love working here because the team is so friendly. The job role changes day to day and theres a new challenge everyday. I’m excited for the future and to develop more new flavours of brownie. My favourite brownie to make is probably the caramel fudge as its fun putting the sauce in the middle and getting that gooey surprise inside but my favourite flavour to eat is definitely coconut which is a love it or hate it for some!

I can’t wait for christmas time at Love Brownies, it’s my favourite time of the year! It’s really busy and we don’t stop but we always have christmas music playing! I also love the mince pie brownie, but I’m already thinking of more Christmassy flavours we could do.

I’ve always loved baking and was taught by mum and grandma. I’ve still got my grandmas recipe book! I now bake with my daughter who is 2 and a half, we bake scones nearly every weekend – they’re her favourite and she can now make them off by heart! When I was 18 I had a stall at Otley market where I sold my homemade cakes. I would sell lots of different varieties from big slices of chocolate and carrot cake to rocky road and flapjack, I am also well known for my guiness cake!

When I’m not at work I spend time with my daughter and fiancé on the farm and riding horses. I also spend a lot of time planning my wedding and I’ve decided to make my own wedding cake. My fruit cake is made and ready to ice for the big day. I bake all the time at home – my fiancé says he’s only marrying me for my pavlova! When I was younger, I loved horses and rode quite a lot. I still spend a lot of time outdoors, either walking with my daughter or looking after my zwartble sheep!

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little bit about me and what I do here at Love Brownies.”

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