It’s Time to Meet the Brownie Team!

We have a team of brownie bakers here at Love Brownies. We’ve introduced you to Emma, but let’s find out a little bit about our other brownie baker, Sally.

Meet Sally

“When I first started working at Love Brownies in April 2016, I was based in the kitchen at Hilltop farm as a brownie baker and product developer. This was before we had the shop in Ilkley! I’ve been here nearly 2 and half years now, but I’ve actually known Chantal for over 15 years. We met at the livery yard where we used to keep our horses and we used to go out riding together. I live locally so it’s great to be so close to the Love Brownies bakery in Ilkley.

My main roles are still baking brownies and product development, but I sometimes help with other jobs in the office and shop. I’ve recently developed our vegan brownie. It’s something that is very close to my heart as my dad has been vegan for 10 years – he loves it! We now do it in 3 different flavours; raspberry, coconut and orange. I’ve got some ideas for new brownie flavours. I’m thinking coffee and banana – not together though! I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I’m constantly striving to make the best brownies I can.

There are so many things I love about working here. We are such a nice, happy, hardworking team. I work really well under pressure, so when it’s busy the day just flies by and I feel really productive. My personal record for the number of brownies I made in 1 day is 875, which is a lot to say each one is made individually!

Love Brownies brownies are nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. I love everything about them. They’re soft, fudgy, sweet and they hit all the right spots! Our brownies are everything a brownie should be and more – if I do say so myself! Trust me when I say the finest quality ingredients are used. They are award-winning brownies after all! Salted caramel is my favourite brownie to bake as it’s a little bit more challenging as the ingredients are slightly different and it’s got a little flourish of sea salt on top. Salted caramel was my favourite flavour, but I think morello cherry has now pipped it to the post!

My favourite of the year at the bakery has to be either Christmas or Easter. The mince pie brownie is amazing, but at Easter we have a crème-egg brownie, which has got a whole crème-egg in the middle to give a sweet, chocolatey, gooey centre!

I was taught to bake by my Nanna who was a pastry chef and a very traditional cook. She made the most amazing desserts and the best jam roly-poly I’ve ever had! I used to bake with her every weekend and we made everything from scones and curd tarts to butterfly buns! I’ve still got her original 1940’s Bero recipe book! It still fascinates me that she used to cut up every piece of dried fruit for a her christmas cake and bake it at gas mark ½ over-night. When I was younger, I would compete in the Body Building Federation competitions. I came second in the ladies category which I’m very proud of! Now I go watch my daughter compete in the tone figure category – she has just come first in the most recent competition. Nowadays, when I’m not at the gym I’m either out riding my Horse, Jake, or doing a spot of gardening.

I love my job here at Love Brownies and I hope you found it interesting reading about what I get up to day-to-day.”

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