It’s Time to Meet the Brownie Team!

So we’ve covered our shop, office and brownie chefs. Let’s find out about our Love Brownies kitchen assistant, Toni, shall we?

Meet Toni

“Love Brownies was the first company I worked for since I moved to England. I am originally from near Valencia in Spain, but I moved to Yorkshire in March 2016. That was over 2 and half years ago now and I’ve been working at the Bakery since the May of that year. Chantal originally thought I was female because of how I spelled my name, but they got a bit of a shock when I arrived at Hilltop Farm. My name ends in an ‘I’ as that’s how it is spelt in Spain, but I now know Toni is more commonly a girls name in England! My full name is Antonio Salvador Franch Egea, but everyone here calls me Toni – or Chef Salvador!

I started off just washing up but then I started helping with preparing food for outside catering. I used to make a lot of pizzas and arancini balls! Now I make all the sandwiches for the café and decorate the celebration cakes. I am currently training to be a brownie chef as in the future I would like to help bake the brownies, as well as making the cakes that I decorate.

Love Brownies is like a little family. I have good relationships with everyone who works here, and we always have a laugh. They’ve also helped me a lot with my English over the past couple of years. My job role varies each day and I’m always kept busy which is good. Caramel fudge is my favourite brownie as the caramel sauce and fudge pieces melt in your mouth, and it’s a lovely surprise inside! I keep trying to suggest a mojito brownie to the other brownie chefs and Chantal as it’s my favourite drink but they keep saying no! Back when I was in Spain, I was a photographer, working in branding and publicity. But now I’m loving being involved in the baking side of Love Brownies.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my twin girls. Myself and Maria – my wife who also works here – love to take them to the park. We go play football, go for walks and ride our bikes. When I’m not with my girls, I like to read. I mostly read in Spanish but I’m trying to improve my English so I’ve just started reading Alice In Wonderland. It’s really interesting but a bit confusing at times!

I’m excited to see what happens in the future at Love Brownies and I hope you liked finding out about me!”

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