Mother’s Day 2019

There’s something beautiful about baking, that takes me back to being a little girl with my mother. All those times – years ago but still as vivid as ever – with sleeves rolled up in the kitchen amid clouds of flour, determined to crack each egg perfectly every time. The delicious promise of the ultimate treat: licking the wooden spoon at the end. It wasn’t just about the baking though, it never is. It was the time spent together, her patiently teaching and me delighting in the learning, the two of us side by side. As the years have gone by, baking is as big a part of my life – and life with my own children – as ever it was. It’s that very same joy we hope to spread to this day, with Love Brownies.


And if you’ve read anything of our website, you’ll know what drives the team here is the guiding principle of mothers everywhere…’you only get out what you put in.’ It’s why we use not only the best, most ethically-sourced ingredients we possibly can but why we freshly-bake every single brownie in its own tiny tin to order, so that they’re all perfect every time.


A quick chat in the Love Brownies kitchen provided other pearls of wisdom passed down from those special women in our lives who have guided and shaped us, the mums, step-mums, aunties, grandmas and the family friends who’ve stepped up, filled-in and been there for us time and again over the years.


With warmth and wit they told us that nothing good ever happens after 2am (if only we’d listened!), that beds were not made for jumping on, that we’d catch a cold if we went out with wet hair, that good manners cost nothing, to be grateful for what we’ve got and that if a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. And there was something about not having room for dessert if we couldn’t finish dinner, but we’ve never got to grips with that one!


But how to say thank you on Mother’s Day?


How can a Mother’s Day gift say everything you want it to say?! Among a sea of Mother’s Day gift ideas, it can be difficult to decide what to buy for Mother’s Day.


For all the mums by blood, the mums-to-be, the matriarchs who’ve paved the way, we’ve created something special this year to give with love. Our delicious Caramel Fudge brownies  – the ones which combine the finest Belgian dark chocolate with milk chocolate chunks and delicious fudgy pieces of caramel – will be available in stores in a beautiful specially-designed box, ‘with love on Mother’s Day.’

Inside each brownie, there’s the surprise, hidden centre of sweet golden Harrogate caramel (because who doesn’t remember being told that ‘it’s what’s inside that counts’?!).

Whatever Mother’s Day present you choose, whether it’s a heart-felt card, chocolates, Mother’s Day flowers, a beautiful box of our freshly-baked letter-box-friendly brownies  or time spent together over a coffee and a little bit of something sweet at Love Brownies, there’s no time like Mother’s Day to say thank you and pass on the love.


With love,




Our 2019 Mother’s Day brownies are now available to order and pre-order online. Click here.

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