Vegan Brownie

You’ve asked for it, so we’ve done it… a vegan brownie is finally on its way!

We’ve been working on a vegan brownie for a while now, making sure it’s just as perfect as our others. We are very excited to announce that our vegan brownie will be in both our shop and online VERY soon!

What does being vegan mean?

Being vegan means you do not eat or wear any animal products, which also includes honey. More information on veganism can be found on The Vegan Society website here. Because our brownie is vegan, it is completely free of any products coming from an animal, including dairy and eggs. Nowadays, there are lots of vegan alternatives for dairy. There are many varieties of milk, including almond, soya and oat, that are all great for baking. As an alternative fat to butter you could use vegetable oil, coconut oil or nut butters. Stork have launched a 100% coconut oil that doesn’t have that coconut taste, unlike regular coconut oils! You can read all about it here. Flaxseed and chia seeds soaked in water can also be used as an alternative to eggs. They absorb all the water to make a thick paste which can easily be used instead of egg in recipes. Flaxseeds can cause a bake to become quite dense. This is a bonus for our brownies because it makes them all gooey and fudgy in the middle!

Our vegan brownie uses the finest quality chocolate, and flaxseed which is high in essential omega-3 fatty acids, good source of fibre. So, you could say our vegan brownie is pretty healthy (well, as far as brownies go)! You can order our vegan brownies online here.

So just keep checking our website, blog and Facebook page to find out when they’ll be launching online but available in our bakery on Wednesday!


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