The egg hunt is over!

Our limited edition Double Chocolate & Crème Egg brownies are here.

It’s that time of year when only chocolate with more chocolate will do. And no-one knows chocolate like we do. This year our limited edition brownie is the ultimate seasonal indulgence.

We’ve taken our triple gold star Great Taste award-winning Double Chocolate brownie to the next level with the addition of a deliciously gooey crème egg. It’s rich, unspeakably scrumptious and a cracking way to treat your friends and family this Easter. That’s the first and last of the egg puns, we promise!

The humble egg has been used by cultures and religions throughout history as a symbol for new life and new beginnings. They were later linked to the Resurrection, by the Christian faith.

The first chocolate eggs were made in Europe in the early 19th century, with France and Germany leading the trend. But British chocolate manufacturers were also working hard on huge innovations in chocolate at this time and by 1893, there were 19 different lines in the Cadbury Brothers’ Easter range.

Filled eggs were first made by the Cadbury Brothers in 1923 and the Creme Egg as we know it today was introduced in 1963. Its sweet fondant centre was a huge instant hit with children and adults alike, and the rest is year after delicious year of history.

We’re big fans of chocolate with more chocolate here at Love Brownies and we think there’s no combination more perfect for Easter than the indulgence of our velvety dark chocolate, pieces of silky milk chocolate and organic cocoa freshly-baked with an oo-eey goo-ey crème egg.

We love to think you’ll love every bite and that you’ll love giving them as gifts at this special time of year, as you get together with your friends and family. Like all the best things, they’re a complete treat on their own but even better shared. Whatever your beliefs, we hope you’ll enjoy our limited edition Double chocolate and Crème Egg brownies this Easter – another spring, the return of warmer days and the promise of a new beginning.

With love



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