Vegan Brownies Variety Box of 4


Why not try our brand new vegan AND gluten free brownies, now available in a variety box of four!

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Rich, deep tasting vegan brownies, some almost say they taste like truffles. Once you bite you cannot stop. We have spent months working on our new recipe and have carefully selected the ingredients which range from gluten free flour, dark chocolate, agave honey, coconut oil, cocoa powder, flaxseed, brown sugar, salt, baking powder and vanilla to produce what we think are pretty special brownies.

If you decide to order morello cherry, then we have included a little kirsch liqueur in the recipe along with french selected Griottines. If you like our orange idea, then we have added orange zest and a carefully sourced orange oil. If the contrast between sharp and sweet is more you, then the Raspberry has been baked with fresh raspberries and freeze dried raspberries to create this taste sensation. If none of these are to your fancy, then the double chocolate will surely win you over with chocolate and more chocolate added in for good measure!

Vegan brownies can be frozen, however if stored in a chilled air tight environment will be great for up to 14 days. Vegetarian and nut free.