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Five reasons I think you’re amazing…..

Five reasons I think you’re amazing…..

To mark Mother’s Day this year, we think it would be lovely to talk about gratitude. Thinking about why you’re grateful for the inspiring and caring mother figure in your life and telling that person why they mean so much to you is positive for both you and them. And what’s better than something that makes you both feel good!

When you spend some time focusing on what’s good, and sharing those thoughts, it helps you to remember why you’re lucky and often means the world to the person you’re thanking.

All too often it can be a case of marking Mother’s Day by simply sending a gift, which is both thoughtful and lovely to receive. But couple that with writing down exactly why you want to say thanks, picking up the phone and telling someone why you love them, or having a brew together and talking about the difference they make to your life and you’ve got a really powerful message that makes someone feel happy and loved.

Here’s some ideas to get you thinking about how you can earn brownie points this Mother’s Day;

  • Think about five reasons your Mum is amazing and write about them in her card.
  • Get in the kitchen. Whether you can whip up a Sunday roast or serve up some hot buttered crumpets with a brew, taking the time to make something she’d enjoy will put a smile on her face.
  • Pick some wild flowers. A freshly picked, hand-tied bouquet can mean so much more than shop bought flowers. And for the little ones there is nothing cuter than a daisy chain!
  • Take some time out. Lots of people would choose spending an hour with someone they love over a present. Every single time. So, whether you go out for a walk, watch a film together, or go out for a treat, it will be time well spent.

Kindness is free so sprinkle it everywhere, especially on Mother’s Day.

Take a look at our Mother’s Day brownies here.

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